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Posted by Csaba Köböl

Csaba Köböl

SANAE paints fences of Pezinok castle park


All SANAE employees went to the city of Pezinok on Friday morning, June 9th, ready to take on some early summer painting challenges.  We as SANAE wanted to give our time, talent, and dedicate it to our city by help to clean and paint fences of castle park in Pezinok. This volunteer activity was organized under „Naše mesto“ […]

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Csaba Köböl

How to write the most effective test case for web application ?

Knowledge center, Software Testing

What is a Test Case? Test cases are series of steps to validate whether a web application has no bugs and working mandatory by the end user requirements . Learning curve of how to write test cases in web application development needs basic writing skills and crying out for attention to detail, and  good understanding […]

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Csaba Köböl

Waterfall vs. Agile methodology

Knowledge center, Project Management, Software Testing

What does ‘waterfall’ mean in process of software development Then best way to understand what is the ‘Waterfall’ is by definition from Phillips Kruchten: ‘The traditional mindset of developing software is usually what is called the Waterfall model. Using the Waterfall model a project should not move from one phase to the next until the […]

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About us

SANAE is a young IT consulting company mainly in area of Software Testing.

The main activity is to lease (outsource) our high-qualified professionals and allocate them in an important projects of our customers.

With SANAE your project will GO LIVE according to project timeline.