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SANAE SW Testing BEER exhibitors

Booth B – Czech and Slovak Testing Board

Czech and Slovak Testing Board (CaSTB) is a non-profit organization founded in December 2006. The CaSTB represents the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) as a Member Board in the Czech and the Slovak Republic. Most of the members of CaSTB are involved in many activities of ISTQB through ISTQB® Working Groups. The CaSTB comprises of a group of highly experienced experts in the area of software testing who volunteer their time to the development, maintenance and promotion of the ISTQB Certified Tester program in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

CaSTB contributes and support ISTQB in building scheme for certifying software testers by translating ISTQB Glossary and Syllabus for Foundation level into Slovak and Czech as well as supporting local Training Providers to prepare and conduct quality training of ISTQB scheme by assessing their materials and techniques, and advising improvements. We also build up partnership with companies that demonstrate its commitment to software testing knowledge of their employees.

Booth D – ARTIN

For more than 20 years ARTIN offers services in the area of software development and integration, application support and IT consulting. Thanks to years of experience, we succeed in operating in several market segments such as telecommunications, insurance and finance, industry, services, waste processing, logistics, non-profit sector and at latest in automotive. We also support projects in the area of research and development, the main project represents Roboauto.

We operate in Czech and Slovak Republic, Austria and in other European as well as Southeast Asia countries. In our branches in Bratislava, Brno and Prague work more than 300 of our software developers, testers, analysts and project managers. Our goal is to concentrate experience and knowledge in order for us to develop products and deliver services for our clients better, faster, more reliable and less expensive than others. And we enjoy success in this. Our mission is to drive software development and company culture to the point where it would be an example for the others.

Booth E – SANAE

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SANAE is a rather young IT consulting company mainly in area of Software Testing. The main activity is to lease (outsource) our high-qualified professionals and allocate them into the important projects of our customers.

Inspired by Henry Fords quote: “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”, we came to conclusion that our profit can not be determined just by sheer numbers. The success of our company is determined by the success of the IT industry, especially the software testing area. So we decided to build a strong community of testers around our regular event – SANAE Software Testing BEER. This proved to be a good concept and we are eager to continue.

Booth A – vacant

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Booth C – vacant

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TITANS freelancers

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Do you want to be a titan? Success begins with courage. TITANS freelancers is one of the leading independent providers of IT specialists. We are innovative and independent. We are here for our clients who need the right people for their projects. Furthermore, we do care about freelancers and offer them projects they can be proud of.

Do you have a problem with your accounting? Do you want to be a freelancer? If you do not know where and how to start, feel free to ask for help. We collaborate with more than 300 prestigious companies in Slovakia, in abroad too. A few numbers that speak for us – more than 6 933 IT specialists, more than 775 allocated freelancers, 83 750 supplied man-days, 511 IT projects

AAS Slovakia

The mission we have taken is clear: to prevent software from having bugs and stop people from using it. To achieve this, AAS Slovakia has worked with professionals who notice as even the best hidden mistake.

The IT world consists of many components that are difficult for companies to track. Our story began because we have felt the necessity to do things effectively. To help companies fine-tune their IT so that everything works as it should. We have seen that IT delivery has often worked ineffectively. This gave us the opportunity to show to our clients that this could be done differently. We know that our partners want as the first thing good results. That’s why we have been here. We are becoming your right hand in the IT.


The portal robime.it (in eng. We do IT) was founded by Slavomír Bača, senior IT professional, in 2012. Our vision was and still is, to be a reliable partner for all IT professionals, their mentor and supporter, connecting them with various IT communities. We offer career mentoring services, we help with self presentation, career planning and finding relevant job opportunities.

robime.it also has a community dimension. The portal offers to IT people & communities space for blogging and presentation. We are partnering and sharing their activities and events, meetups, conferences, as well our own educational workshops. Thousands of IT people can be met not just via our portal, but also across our social networking platforms.