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Programme - SANAE
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Conference day 10.10.2019


Delegates’ arrival and registration (coffee and snack available)


Conference start – opening speech by SANAE managing director Oliver Olšovský


KEYNOTE Ard Kramer – Is there a Risk?


First presentation block




Second presentation block

  • Filip Hric – E2E tests don’t have to eat your time – writing tests in Cypress
  • Viktor Kubica – O4 – Overcoming QA challenges when implementing new CRM
  • Marco Spoel – Low-code/No-code development without Test Automation is No-go


Coffee break (coffee and snack available)


Third presentation block


KEYNOTE Ard Kramer – Q&A to conclude the morning session


Networking event (free beer and much more)


Ard Kramer

Ard is a software tester from the Netherlands and is working for OrangeCrest. He calls himself a Qualisopher which stands for someone “who loves truth and wisdom and at the same time is decisive to improve man and his environment” . This means he is interested in the world around us, to see what he can learn and subsequently apply in software testing. That is one of the reason why Ard tells stories in books and at (test) conferences such as EuroStar, Expo:QA, TestWarez, TestingCup, Romanian Testing Conference. Besides working in IT he is also active as a sport (volleyball) coach and chair of the music school in his town.

Is there a Risk? Can your team tell you what risks are still applicable in your system under test? And what impact these risks can have when this software goes to production? In many cases, teams couldn’t answer the question! Covering risks is underestimated because we don’t like the subject: it is too abstract, sometimes too philosophical or negative. While on the other hand if we have to deal with problems in production because of underestimated risks, fingers are pointed at those who were able to cover the risks. Dealing with risks determines the success of a product and therefore the success of an organization.

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Gabor Soha

Gabor has more than 12 years of IT experience including 8 years of software testing. During his testing career, he worked on finance, sporting and hotel business domains. He is open for new challenges and constantly looking for ways to improve. He is always happy to share his knowledge with others and he likes to motivate people.

Gabor’s presentation “Challenges of Database Testing” will bring some light to Data Driven Test. He will show a practical example where a complex predictive algorithm was in the database, what challenges he had to face and what was the solution for effective testing.

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Filip Hric

Filip is currently a QA lead at Slido. With a background in psychology, he always strives for a people-focusing point of view. After 3 years and many transformations in a fast growing startup, he’s now leading a 6 member team, watching over daily updates of all Slido products. 

One of top reasons to avoid writing E2E tests is, that they are hard to write and difficult to maintain. It doesn’t have to be that way. In his presentation “E2E tests don’t have to eat your time – writing tests in Cypress” Filip would like to show you how Cypress testing tool is used at Slido to make sure the E2E tests are easily maintainable and simple to write.

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Peter Miťko

Peter “Mitec” Miťko has been within Pixel Federation for about 10 years. He has been working on multiple games as a client developer (3bot), server developer (Trainstation) and finally as a full-stack developer (Galactic Junk League). Two years ago, he decided to join QA department as an test automation engineer.

There are two commonly used approaches of controlling elements in automated tests – image recognition and element selectors. In Pixel Federation, they have used both of them for automated game testing by using SikuliX and AirtestProject/Poco. In his presentation “Automation of Game Testing with SikuliX and AirtestProject/Poco” Peter will share what he has learned and what he finds are their pros and cons.

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Marco Spoel

Marco’s professional career started with implementing SAP. Since then more than two decades have passed and Marco has experienced wide range of IT areas such as information security and computer forensics, DevOps environment and test automation (of which Marco is a huge fan). In 2019 Marco choose to manage building up the Low-code No-code nearshore capability and to create an automated test framework to support business. Currently, he works in Unique People as mendix manager.

In his presentation and demo “Low-code/No-code development without Test Automation is No-go” Marco will take us closer to the Low-code and No-code platforms where Citizen Developers (business people without IT background) and IT Developers are working together building integrated smart innovative apps. In this environment test automation is a must.

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Viktor Kubica

Viktor has gained QA and management experience while working on various IT projects for last 8 years. Before switching to telecommunication industry, he focused on document management systems, mobile applications and rich clients. Viktor is currently Test Manager at O2 Slovakia, responsible for the quality of the software delivery including automation and performance testing.

Switching to the new CRM system is challenging task for any company, regardless its ability to cope with uncertainty. Viktor’s presentation “O4 – Overcoming QA challenges when implementing new CRM” will cover real-life examples and tips of how to manage testing and delivery of complex IT systems. It will shed some light to the preparation, execution and problem-solving scenarios experienced during the project.

Jana Krajčovičová

Jana is currently working as a Test lead in Artin, leading a team of four and growing. Her way to IT was a bit twisting and unforeseeable, but it has turned to be a right choice. After years in marketing and finance and also maternity leave she decided to change the area of operation into IT. After graduating “Women Tester Academy” (Aj ty v IT powered course) and getting ISTQB foundation level certificate she started new professional life in IT and she has enjoyed it ever since.

Is diversity within IT teams beneficial, or even necessary? Is it good to give chance to candidates that seemingly don’t meet your expected criteria? How is it possible to get from Women Tester Academy to Test lead within 6 months? These and many other questions about her success story will be answered in Jana’s presentation “The benefits of diversity in teams”.

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David Kurc

David is a market researcher currently working at the market research agency 2muse on the position of a project manager. His focus includes quantitative and qualitative research with an interest in technology and banking. His particular interests are in user and usability testing and new technologies.

Have you ever considered UI/UX testing done by real people – real users? In his presentation “UI vs UX: test the UI or the user?” David will show when and how to conduct it and how to deal with particular issues regarding to user and usability testing. He will also show real examples and benefits of such testing and indicate possible future trends in this field.

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Viktor Šulák

Victor is an experienced Software Engineer focusing mainly on back-end development and DevOps, always trying to keep up-to-date with modern technologies. Presently he is a Partner and Software engineer in Touch4IT, a company focused on building enterprise-grade web and mobile applications down from UI and UX design up to running high-performance product.

Imagine how you can leverage combination of automatic testing and the most widely used browser on your or your clients’ website or web application. No more broken links or missing elements. Is it even possible? Answer is in Viktor’s presentation “API-driven website testing using Puppeteer” about Node.js testing tool that uses API to control Chrome or Chromium browser.

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