GO LIVE with us


Join us as a speaker and boost your profile by sharing your practical experience. Bratislava the beautiful city welcomes you.

  1. The motto of the conference is “Let”s Go Practical!” and we are interested in hearing your experiences from your field e.g. case studies, lessons learned, research, state-of-the-art and future stories in the domain of software testing etc.
  2. The length of speech should be around 30 minute including question.
  3. Presentation should share a message for a broader software testing community and should not focus on marketing or PR.

Speaker Package Includes

  1. Free full day ticket to conference (Lunch and refreshments)
  2. Expo networking over BEER
  3. Social Event opportunity to communicate and connect with other speakers and testers informal (Including late snack and beers)
  4. Speakers’ Employer logo and link to your company profile on our conference web (pre-conference and at the conference)
  5. Chance to win the best presentation award
  6. Auditorium ‘Thank You’ for supporting SANAE Software Testing BEER (by the SANAE host representative)
  7. Speaker Support (Do you have great idea or story and not to confident or nervous SANAE is here to help you to share it in community)
  8. Speaker Help (by the SANAE host representative to assist you during your presentation including questions and answers)

Pricing and applications

  • Free 200 EUR Value Speaker Package and no additional honorarium
  • To apply as a conference speaker or any additional info, please, let us know by writing to info@sanae.sk