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A year with Corona Virus (PART 2)


How do you know you are doing your job well? Usually by getting noticed by larger companies. SANAE is not an exception. Summer 2020 became the final stage of negotiations between us and ARTIN Solutions – an established software house and our longstanding business partner. Let’s sum it up by the words of Oliver Olšovský, managing director – “We expect, that by the support of the strong ARTIN group, SANAE Slovakia will increase its market position while preserving the long built SANAE brand (more in our blog). “

The first conference-related activity as a member of ARTIN group was a massive campaign for early bird tickets. By joined effort, we were able to sell-out the early bird capacity within a month. Moreover, we arranged a “small beer” in the said capital of eastern Slovakia – the magnificent city of Košice. That was meant to boost the awareness of the BEER.EX and fulfil the regional expansion idea. We set the date symbolically to the 7th of October, the original date of the conference.

In spite of sailing in the right direction, we encountered the rough seas. First, some silent voices began to talk about the second wave. Then, we saw an increasing number of COVID cases. And finally, the government re-established the pandemic restrictions. The ban on mass gatherings being one of them. And the situation began to get worse.

What now?

By the end of February, as a result of more than two months long lockdown, we had to decide once again. To comply with the situation and without losing an already built community, we created SANAE Software Testing BEER.ONLINE.

And what about SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX 2021? It is no surprise that the conference is postponed again. This time with a slight difference – there will be no further postponing. Almost exactly a year after the original date (6th and 7th of October) the event will go either as planned, or online, or hybrid.

One way or another, we overcame all the obstacles and became stronger. Remaining focused on expertise, knowledge sharing, and community building – the things we are the best in.


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Sanae is ISTQB Gold Patner

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