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Matej Kukučka

Naše Mesto 2021


It is good to keep traditions and it is even better when you inspire others to do so. SANAE has been regularly participating in the largest volunteering event in Slovakia – Naše mesto. This year we offered ARTIN our support with the application, so we can contribute to the community in larger numbers. Long story short, together we have been able to provide 18 volunteers to help the gamekeepers of the Bratislava City forests.

Kamzík is one of the most visited forest areas in Bratislava, especially during pandemic travel restrictions. First, we helped to collect garbage around the most exposed areas. Then we did some heavy-duty gardening while getting rid of overgrowth grass and bushes covering the info panels. After work, we enjoyed lunch together in the nearby restaurant. Let’s sum it up with the words of our managing director:

„We are glad that after a really long time we were able to get out together to help the community and build the team. I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity and our employees for their participation and hard work.“

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