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Matej Kukučka

Building software testing community


We are proudly taking our part in software testing community building. The goal of Software Testing BEER is to build up regular informal meeting platform to support SW testing community and introduce it to outside IT people. Are you a tester willing to meet colleagues and get to know what is new in the domain? Or you are completely out IT, would like to know how software testing works but there was no one you could ask? Let us buy you a beer (or soft drink) and let the rest will come. Check out our Facebook profile for further updates – here: SANAE on Facebook



  • 18:00 – Opening


  • 18:05 – Women Tester Academy by Petra Kotuliaková, Aj Ty v IT

    Women Tester Academy presentation AKA how we took a bunch of clever girls, turned them in to SW testers and we don’t mean to stop.


  • 18:45  – ISTQB syllabus update by Marek Majerník, Czech and Slovak Testing Board

    Do you know that ISTQB releases updated syllabus this year? How much time one have to be certified in the “old way”? Are ther any new certification levels? Marek knows… and tells.


  • 19:25  – Networking

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Software Testing BEER.EX 2021

Following the success of community building event – SANAE Software Testing BEER and subsequent first installment of the miniconference, we would like to invite you to SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX.


Sanae is ISTQB Gold Patner

About us

SANAE is a young IT consulting company mainly in area of Software Testing.

The main activity is to lease (outsource) our high-qualified professionals and allocate them in an important projects of our customers.

With SANAE your project will GO LIVE according to project timeline.