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Matej Kukučka

SANAE Software Testing BEER vol. 1


Several weeks of hard work brought its fruits – SANAE Software Testing BEER took place at 14th of June. And it was AWESOME. At first we were rather skeptical in estimating number of participants – ranging from my humble 30 to Oliver’s enthusiastic 45. In final, we had to stop registrations a day before the event as we reached our full capacity of 60, most of which really came to join us in Satori Stage.
Presenters did their best to be short but efficacious. After the presentations the venue begun to buzz with conversation. Many new contacts were made. Even some business were arranged. So, in my opinion, the event hit its target. Next event is planned for September an we all hope it will be the same as the first one or even better.
See the presentations in the video below:

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Sanae is ISTQB Gold Patner

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