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Education never ends – nor should it – is one of base pillars for a successful company. There is always room for growth and knowledge, especially in the form of professional certifications. SANAE partnered with most successful scheme for certifying software testers – ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). Now we are Silver Partner, but not for long, we are working hard to achieve Gold Partner status this autumn.

For all current and future employees in SANAE basis is ISTQB Foundation Level certificate, for those who are not yet certificated SANAE pays the training and certification cost in full.
Based on employee preferences and our projects and plans, SANAE offers also certification for foundation extension certificates/exams  and advanced level for experienced employees .

Why we do it ?

SANAE employees are able to gain new skills and new knowledge which they willingly share with us when they understand what they have learned enough. So, it works out for both parties in the end because we earn revenue for their education, and at the same time the employee goes home happy and satisfied.

Please congratulate with us to  our  senior tester Csaba Köböl who passed successfully the ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Certificate in Software Testing examination.His report through the training to certificate coming soon.

Csaba Kobol - Advanced level certificate
the proof

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SANAE is a well-established provider of software testing and QA solutions. We believe that true success can be reached by cooperation and networking rather than through competition, therefore apart from the main area of business, we are working hard to build, maintain and enlarge a community of testers in the Bratislava region and beyond. This effort resulted into SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX.