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SANAE expedition: HUSTEF 2017 (part 1)



Providing quality is one of SANAE mission goals and keeping up with the latest ideas, trends, and technologies is one of the ways to achieve them. Thus came the decision to participate in Hungarian Software Testing Forum 2017. Another decision – to write a report from the event came shortly after it with due date “once all thoughts and emotions from the conference settle down.” Well, one month seems to be enough. Moreover, one little remark – the goal of my report is not to reproduce the content of every single speech. I would like to focus on what we have taken from the event.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” In our case, three steps to the train coach a day before the conference. Traveling by train has many possible advantages. Relaxing with the favorite beverage is one of them.

The next day, ready for the action, we stepped out of the taxi just in front of the venue. Varkert bazar is awesome. What surprised us the most was the modern interior. All in all, I think the place was perfectly suitable for such an event.

Day 2*

In the first day, we chose “Test management” and “Techniques” (hesitantly letting pass “Security testing” and “Automation”). There were two main points of the first keynote (Visualizing quality by David Evans). First, testing should not make go/no go decision, but provide enough relevant information to make such decision. Second, good information presented in the wrong way or context could have disastrous consequences. In addition, there were many good tips on how to report test results. I have to admit that the speech left me motivated for the rest.

Unfortunately, the afternoon sessions were not so satisfying. After a quite rudimentary introduction to Traceability, we took a quick glance into innovation and motivation and the first session was over. We took advantage of early finish to check booths and poster sessions. The second session started quite promisingly with business rules testing and exploratory techniques. Yet the final speech left me perplexed, as I have never imagined that by “The new test design techniques” someone can mean equivalence partitioning for dummies. However, evening keynotes saved the day especially the first part of Lloyd Roden’s The Reality Distortion Field of Testing.

The social event held after the closing of the Day 2 was decent and quite classy. I appreciated the wine selection, guided tour around the Buda castle, and the concert of Mrs. Columbo band.

To be concluded…


*- Day 1 was dedicated to tutorials and we have skipped that one


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