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SANAE Software Testing BEER vol. 4 - SANAE
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Matej Kukučka

SANAE Software Testing BEER vol. 4


New year brings new opportunities, new challenges and also new installment of SANAE Software testing BEER. We wanted to try something even better than previous episodes, but still maintain the magic of informal networking event. Oliver first came with a brilliant idea: “Why don’t have our own BEER’s beer brand?” I have to admit it was not a trivial task. We had to try many of possible lagers, ales and also some porters just to know what suites us the best. And ultimately, here it is – SANAE Software Testing BEER – non-alcoholic premium APA.

Once the beer was ready, nothing could stop the event from happening. As usual, we had two terrific presenters – Vojtěch Barta and Martin Škarbala. Presentations, networking, fun worked efficiently and smoothly as before. The only sad thing about the BEER is that the next one won’t be in months but in the autumn.

The reason is quite simple – We would like to make our BEER bigger, better, while maintaining the informal networking and community building potential. To do this we need more time for preparation. We will definitely keep you informed about the progress.

See the presentations in the video below:

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Sanae is ISTQB Gold Patner

About us

SANAE is a well-established provider of software testing and QA solutions. We believe that true success can be reached by cooperation and networking rather than through competition, therefore apart from the main area of business, we are working hard to build, maintain and enlarge a community of testers in the Bratislava region and beyond. This effort resulted into SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX.