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SANAE contributes to community. Again!


In SANAE the first Friday of June is typically connected to “Naše mesto” (Our city) initiative. Year after year it grows to become the greatest volunteering event in Slovakia with more than 10 000 participating volunteers in 2019.

This year we have chosen to help “Stará jedáleň” (Old canteen) community center, that is being assembled (as the name implies) in an old school canteen. Most of the construction work is already done, so out job was to help with some “finishing touches”. For ladies, full selection of cleaning activities, for gents, heavy duty gardening.

To keep in touch with “Naše mesto” or “Stará jedáleň” feel free to check their web:



“Social responsibility is not just a buzzword in SANAE. We are trying hard to build and sustain community within our industry and also without. This is our third participation in “Naše mesto” volunteering day and as before it was amazing. Although I have to admit that this year the work was quite challenging. Stuffing thorny vines and twigs to jute sacks in 30 degrees is my personal impression of hell. On the other hand, overcoming challenge together bonds the team strongly and a couple (or maybe more than couple) of scratches is worth the outcome.”

Said Oliver Olšovský, CEO of SANAE, he also participated in all volunteer activities.

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