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Csaba Köböl

SANAE paints fences of Pezinok castle park


All SANAE employees went to the city of Pezinok on Friday morning, June 9th, ready to take on some early summer painting challenges.  We as SANAE wanted to give our time, talent, and dedicate it to our city by help to clean and paint fences of castle park in Pezinok.

This volunteer activity was organized under „Naše mesto“ (Our city) project under patronage of Foundation Pontis, if you want to join next time visit www.nasemesto.sk

“A successful employee volunteering is like a marriage – it requires dedication, patience and passion, but when it works, the rewards are great.
Alignment of our volunteer activities to our core business is imperative in order for synergy between the parties, as is clarity around the value on for both of us and the city where we live.
The team was amazing and never hesitated at the jobs they were given.  All morning they just kept saying that they could do it, they would take care of it A big thank you goes out to for all employees for taking such great care of the castle park fences.    “

Said Oliver Olšovský, CEO of SANAE, he also participated in all volunteer activities.

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