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SANAE Software Testing BEER vol. 5 and 6


We started SANAE Software Testing BEER with a simple goal – organize a regular informal networking platform for the QA community in Bratislava. But last year we slightly let it go in pursuit of a different kind of event. Nevertheless, after a successful mini-conference, we wanted to return to that goal and BEER vol. 5 was scheduled for the end of March. By that time, COVID-19 happened. No need to explain it further. We decided to not go online as the essential part of the event – networking over a beer – would be missing. So we had to wait until the restrictions are lifted off.

By the end of May, things started to look good and one thing was for sure – we have to make the BEER before the summer. We checked the original speakers of BEER vol. 5 but their schedules were against us. Fortunately, the award-winning speaker from BEER.EX conference Filip agreed to make a short teaser for his Cypress.io workshop. Finding the second was kind of tough but finally “Kepo” my friend from the latest project came to save the day.

The time flies and 4 weeks come to pass quickly and there it was – SANAE Software Testing BEER vol. 6 on the 25th of June. We feared a little about the actual attendance, but finally, we lacked only 5 people to reach the full capacity. Filip spread his enthusiasm as a Cypress.io ambassador with real-life test automation scripting. Kepo’s talk was kind of different. He shared his experience from the trip to Everest base camp high in the Himalayas. Not really related to software testing, but very inspirational and joyful. Exactly what attendees needed after a couple of months staying at home.

Everything went great that evening. Talks were awesome, beer was tasty, we met plenty of our friends the first time after a long time, we actually met also a lot of new people. Too good to be true. Unfortunately, pandemic restrictions affected our beloved Satori Stage to the extent that it has to close down. It will be very hard to find a replacement for such a place as they were with us from the very beginning. After all, we have to move on and we will see you all after the summer. Cheers!

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SANAE is a well-established provider of software testing and QA solutions. We believe that true success can be reached by cooperation and networking rather than through competition, therefore apart from the main area of business, we are working hard to build, maintain and enlarge a community of testers in the Bratislava region and beyond. This effort resulted into SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX.